Amazing Catrinas at Puerto Vallarta´s malecon.

What you are missing this season by not living in the Pacific Pearl?

Imagine walking in some beautiful downtowns and see plenty of festive decorations and traditional altars celebrating one of the most colorful festivities in Mexico. The Day of Death (Nov 1 – Nov2). The altars are believed to safely guide the deceased on their spiritual journey. This tradition shows visitors a side of the rich Mexican heritage. Art, music, great cuisine. Its moment to celebrate life and honor and respects those that has passed away. Don’t miss the opportunity to live this experience!!!!

Loving fishing sports? You cannot miss the International 66th Marlin and Sailfish Tournament (Nov 9th to Nov 12th) Get in a boat and have a great time that all the Pacific coast can offer you, admire fantastic species of marine fauna, reason why it is a paradise chosen by sports enthusiastic from all over the globe.

Enjoy the highest cuisine. Taste the Mexican treasures and don’t miss the International Gourmet Festival (Nov 10th to Nov 20th). Every year the festival invites culinary professionals from all over the world to cook and demonstrate their cuisines. Learn about wine pairing, taste the newest and best in wines and tequila. Let yourself be captured by all the flavors all Bahia de Banderas has for you.

Burden Run” (Dec 3, 2022): This obstacle-focused competition allows participants to take their physical endurance to the limit amidst tropical jungles on four- to seven-mile tracks surrounded by stunning landscapes. Challenges include crossing the longest vehicle suspension bridge in the world (1,542 feet long and 492 feet high). Athletes can compete as individuals, couples or in teams and, since the race is not timed, they are invited to have fun while they eventually reach the finish line. Burden Run is a fun day adventure for visitors and conveniently located just 25 minutes from the hotel zone of Puerto Vallarta.

While the weather in the Pacific Soul is pleasant and the activities are thrilling, it is the people that make this location so warm and inviting. Explore beautiful fishing towns picturesque streets, incredible beaches. There a countless reason to be obsessed with Riviera Nayarit and you can be sure that once you discover this incomparable destination, you will fall in love. Not only will you fall in love with its attractions, but its culture and the warmth of its people. You will want to stay here forever. Let the soul of the pacific embrace you!

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